May 07, 2012

MoviesThat Come To The Rescue! A 4:30 mashup of over 200 scenes from over 100 superhero movies and TV shows.
  • Warning!: Not necessarily good movies - just what it says on the tin. And the latest Avengers is there - so there's that. A [not] surprising number of them I've seen.
  • I thought "not necessarily good" was implied when I noted "over 100"... how many GOOD superhero movies have there been? And I think it mixes the Pasteurized Process Cheese with the Gourmet Fare fairly effectively, and building some narrative flow into the massive quantity of Stuff (and tying it to the music track even if it's not the best choice for superhero music, IMO). I'm sure Christopher Nolan or Joss Whedon or even Tim Burton could've done better, but for a YouTuber, the guy done good.