February 26, 2012

"Money Can't Buy Happiness" semi-proven by a multi-national poll. But always remember, statistics don't lie, but liars sure know how to use statistics.

Absurd conclusions: (1) We'd all be happier in Indonesia. (2) Mexico is getting happier? Must be using all the drugs they can't sneak into the U.S. (3) Brazil's happiness is declining; they must have finally seen the movie "Brazil". (4) Small difference in happiness between Australia and U.S. probably attributable to kangaroos. (5) Germany's unhappiness gives me an excuse to make a semi-racist joke about Sauer Krauts. (6) Most of the people in Japan happier after tsunami/Fukushima must be surfers or solar panel owners. (7) Residents of North Korea must have snuck into South Korea to take this poll. There has to be more happiness in the place that gave us Cassette Schwarzenegger.

  • Does the word "happy" translate exactly between every language?