February 25, 2012

So you thought the 'Live Fast, Die Young...' meme originated in the Hard Rock culture of the 60s-70s? Uh, nope.

For the record, it was Faron Young's first #1 country record, from early 1955. "This was a tune I detested," Faron said. "Ken Nelson made me record this song. I put it out and it was a big, big hit. Then I got to liking it." "Live Fast, Love Hard, Die Young, Wear a Bright Blue Suit To Be Buried In"

  • Nope, it goes back even further. "Knock on Any Door" with Humphrey Bogart and John Derek 1949. Derek says "Live fast, die young, and have a good looking corpse." John Derek went on to marry Ursula Andress, Linda Evans and Bo Derek. The latter he dated when he was 48 and she was 16. Fast living indeed! Over the years the quote has been mis-attributed to James Dean. Dean did however manage to meet all of the requirements of the saying.
  • Yes, I knew that about the Bogart/Derek quote from watching the film with my dad. ...just call me slow, old, and wrinkled.
  • Faron Young's quote makes me wonder how often popular recording artists (or actors) hate some of their own work.