February 03, 2012

Bankrupt Kodak Corporation is taking its name off the Hollywood theater where the Oscars are held. Obviously, while reorganizing and cutting costs, they don't want to spend the money for such a purely ceremonial designation. But this evening, another reason to disassociate from the theater came up, as an incident outside the theater ended with the pepper spraying of 'Captain Jack Sparrow'

Yeah, only in Hollywood, which is one reason I moved 200 miles away.

  • How can there be an article about Kodak pulling out of the Kodak theater -- without pictures?
  • Catwoman, another pirate, and an alien are the apparent suspects. I'd assume it's a rival pirate.
  • I completely disagree. Pepper spray is clearly the weapon of choice of a pissed off woman. It was Catwoman.
  • A condiment crime--a-salted and pepper sprayed!