February 02, 2012

Space Stallions may look like a promo for a Thundercats/Voltron/BraveStarr-era cartoon, but it's actually one of the Bachelor Films from students at the Animation Workshop at Denmark's VIA University. And that's not all!

There is LOAD, set in a weird world where the protagonist wears armor made of post-it notes?, Slug Invasion, the eternal battle between gardener and pest, from the pest's viewpoint, of course, Ride of Passage, in which a young hunter on his first expedition gets help from a surprising source, Vaesen, a classically styled (and NSFW) tale of a son's quest to do right by his father and Wing, which answers the question "what is a one-winged bird boy to do?" The Animation Workshop's YouTube Channel has lots more cool stuff, from previous years' Bachelor Films to spots made for a Danish animal welfare organization to "The Trailer Project" with short previews of movies with the same titles as film classics - and nothing else in common. Enjoy.

  • Haven't had time to watch all these yet, but Space Stallions is f'ing EPIC. That has got to get made! Brilliant find, foop, thanks.
  • That's no mule -- that's a space stallion!