January 31, 2012

#BelieveInSherlock VERY SPOILERY, of "Sherlock" Season 2, as well as predictive of Season 3.

But as 'TV show memes' go, pretty impressive, and better than any Super Bowl commercials, sorry, Jerry.

  • I didn't even know there was a current Sherlock show on BBC. I thought this had something to do with the movies. And what is up with those Super Bowl commercials? They are over two minutes long. There are extended commercials now? I can't imagine they are going to play those things in their entirety during the Super Bowl.
  • Oh that makes me very happy. The TV show is brilliant, highly highly recommended if you haven't watched it. The way they've modernised the concept to present day works really really well, while remaining admirably faithful to the books. And the acting and characterisations are phenomenal. *gets impatient for the next season which probably won't be till next year boooo* *goes to watch the first ones again*
  • Don't think it's appeared here yet, at least not on any of the channels I get. Something to look forward to. The Brits have always made the best fictional detectives.
  • +++ for recommended. I hear that, if you were so inclined, you could probably find torrents of the show. Being UK'ish they run to three (? going on memory here) episodes per season (as against 20plus per for a US season).
  • Yes, three per season, which is short even for the UK. But, quality over quantity and all that.