January 27, 2012

Cool Leaderboard games I thought that some of these leaderboard Proxy Gaming are easy to play, Boy was I wrong! they are so freaking tough it took me about half an hour to figure out just one game. Anyone here can do better?
  • Hi Lurker17 - this is a link to your own site, which is against the Mofi posting guidelines. Tracicle, clean up in aisle 17608 please! (man, haven't said that in a while. good times) This now becomes a thread where we talk about what we had for breakfast.
  • English muffin with cream cheese and Smucker's Boysenberry jam (I felt guilty about buying anything but Knott's brand; they were the people who popularized the Boysenberry and as a kid I went to their Berry Farm theme park - kind of a generic Disneyland down the road from the real one, but it was cheaper so I got to go more often - but then I learned that Smuckers now owned Knott's... but I have an attachment to Smuckers too; my uncle quit the rat race and bought an egg farm a few miles from Smuckers' original Orrville, Ohio jam & jelly plant... visiting the cousins on the egg ranch was fun except when we went inside the big smelly barn full of chickens to collect eggs... factory farming even back in the 1960s). But I digress.
  • Since the beginning of the new year, I have been making an effort to eat better. Today I enjoyed an apple and a Special K strawberry bar. It was a delight.
  • Aw man, I miss these! Lurker17, as mothy has previously said self-links are against the guidelines. The best way to advertise your site on mofi is to post great content which will encourage people to click on your profile. Today I had toast, and coffee, and a big handful of fresh-picked blueberries. Nom nom! I have serious issues in that clothes I wore a year ago no longer fasten when I put them on. So I will henceforth live on nothing but blueberries. All year round.
  • I'm having a smoothy with a handful of frozen blueberries, a banana, a spoonful of yogurt, and a splash of milk, whizzed in a blender for 20 seconds.
  • All these blueberries! mmmmmblueberries. I keep considering investing in some form of smoothie-making thing, but am concerned it will rapidly become another Kitchen Gadget I Never Use (see: breadmaker. I make a lot of bread, only ... not in the breadmaker. sigh.). Any recommendations for smoothie makers?
  • also, tracicle, I think this is still on the front page?
  • I had jook that I made in the slow cooker. It's a Chinese rice 'n' ground meat soup, kinda. Ginger, soy sauce, scallions.
  • Speaking of blueberries, I had blueberry jam on one of my slices of toast this morning. I also had peanut butter on the other slice, cereal, OJ and coffee. I'm attempting to quit smoking and I'm on the patch but I still have the need for a bit of real smoke with my morning coffee so I also had half a cigarette - I'll have the other half with my pre-dinner rum. As for smoothie makers, how about an immersion blender? Compact, easy to clean and good for soups and sauces too.
  • Yeah mothy it is, I am lazy and need to do various things on the computer to hide it...or ask #2 very politely to do it for me. It's been a while!
  • *delurks* Lurker17's only other link since joining was also a self-link to the same site, not caught as a self-link at the time. When the MoFi post popped up on my RSS feed, I thought the domain looked familiar and wandered in to check my memory. *relurks*
  • Oh my gosh! Christophine! *hugs* (and to path too!) NO RELURKING NO RELURKING
  • And yes, islander, I'm thinking immersion blender might be the way to go - might have a trawl round the sales at the end of the month.
  • If I were more of an authoritarian mod I would delete the relurking part of that comment. Hello and well spotted, Christophine :-) I have an ordinary blender and it definitely only gets used in short bursts (there's no way to make that make more sense, I don't think, so I will assume you know in what sense I mean that). Suffice to say you should definitely go for the immersion blender, if that is another way to say stick blender.
  • I feel like I am making very little sense.
  • Making sense is vastly overrated.
  • Look who popped out of the woodwork!! Breakfast was the usual granola*, but I've been adding ground English walnuts that I scavenged from a friend's tree, as well as yummy homemade Greek yoghurt and lots of raisins. The portion size is way too much, but I console myself with how healthy it all is. *and coffee. If there's no coffee in the morning, you might as well just shoot me.