January 15, 2012

Strange illustrations Don Kenn Wouldn't these make a great flash game?
  • Many of these look like those New Yorker cartoons where the reader has to come up with the caption.
  • And like onto Where the Wild Things Are, by Maurice Sendak?
  • Mr. Kenn has very vivid, dark and funny imagination. Much like Maurice Sendak indeed. This one is brilliant
  • "...where the reader has to come up with the caption". Caption: "It only took one wrong World Cup prediction and Paul was destined for calamari".
  • That thing looks like a variation of that monster Tweety Bird turns into in that Jekyll and Hyde inspired Looney Tunes episode.
  • An octopus can't survive long without water, so I think that the kid will be okay.
  • "The city has severe penalties for incorrect recycling".
  • Trash-guy, on the other hand, looks like he might be in some trouble.
  • Some of them seem rather benevolent.
  • Yeah, I want TT's recycling monitor to be my friend. He's cute. and seriously, I've been here, how long? and I still don't know how to post images. How do I post images? *fails at internets*
  • Also, lovely link GramMa, bookmarked, thanks!