January 09, 2012

Proof that "Infographics" are not a new idea (or pigs that are so ugly you want to fling odd-shaped birds at them)
  • I used to be a Knickerbocker, but now I am a Tar Heel. I have no idea what a Knickerbocker is, but it must be better than a Tar Heel.
  • I was born a Buckeye (what the frak is a Buckeye), but most my life I've been a Gold Hunter... isn't that something in a game or something?
  • New Jersey Clam Catchers, eh? One time my wife actually did catch one while fishing. It clamped onto her hook, but that was in another state. The clam fishing in New Jersey has fallen under stricter federal regulations recently.
  • I am from the Bay State. I'm not sure what a pig has to do with that.