March 30, 2011

This may be a valuable tool for that new CSS3 webstuff. Or not.
  • I keep reading "valuable tool" as "vegetable tool."
  • CSS standards keep changing without much backward compatibility it seems, and it requires code both cryptic and gnarly at the same time - all to get some kind of predictable results. FAIL. Stick with html. Simple is good. But then I prefer cars with hand operated, roll-up windows. Does that make me a ludite? Or just a cheap and simplistic solution guy?
  • I don't even understand what this post is about. I do, however, know that "vegetable tool" is a very politically incorrect insult where I come from.
  • Bernie, it's supposed to do this but because I have a Microsoft browser it doesn't work for me. "Vegetable tool"... hmmm... potato peeler?
  • That's hilarious. On a related note, I spent two days last week trying to figure out why every web browser known to humanity EXCEPT internet explorer drew my website correctly, but IE simply refused to load the fonts. What's worse, it worked better in IE6, 7 and 8 than it did in 9. I have IE-specific CSS files (thankfully drastically reduced in size as versions increase) showing that the browser has improved, but for the love of pete the damn thing is WORSE for font rendering now than ever. 6 and 7 load the fonts. 8 loads 'em, but will replace them with a default on page refresh (keeping the letter spacing from the original, which makes it look like hell). 9? Refuses to load them. At all. And from the web developer toolbar I know darn well the browser is seeing them and is downloading them. What's worse, if I check the test version of my site, hosted on my own laptop, everything works. It only fails when served from my old U webspace. Seems like if the site uses HTTPS IE9 decides that fonts must be ignored or something. Damn do I hate that pile of crap browser. I hate it with a burning passion. And I am in no way a professional web guy. I can't imagine the sheer thousand-burning-suns intensity of the fury a pro must have at those (incompetent? uncaring? malicious?) coders over in Redmond.
  • Strangely, I have a friend who just adores IE9. Admittedly, he's a M$ zombie, and if a web site doesn't render in IE it's the site designer's fault.