January 27, 2011

Gorilla that walks like a man in a gorilla suit. A 21 year old gorilla has learned to walk like a man. "Those damn dirty apes!"

There's Part 2.

  • Guy goes for a job at a zoo, and they explain that their last gorilla has just passed away, and they can't get a replacement - so would he mind dressing up in a gorilla suit to fill the gap - no one will know the difference. So he does. And he gets quite good at it. The zoo patrons are fooled, the kids are fans of the new gorilla, and he is swinging around and showing off like crazy. "Ook Ook!". But one day he swings too high, crosses the fence and lands in the lion cage. And the lions are eyeing him up, and walking towards him. Frantically he tries to get his head gear off shouting, "Somebody help me, I'm not a gorilla, I'm a man dressed up!". The largest lion saunters over and whispers, "Keep your mouth shut or you'll get us all fired"!
  • Then there's Oliver, another ape-like biped, said not to be popular with the other apes because he was considered too wierd. Was it his gait? Or something else? His preference for human females? His bald head, or pointed ears?
  • Amazing! Another example of shared traits among the primates. If the gorillas' environment favored that behavior over a long enough time, evolution would select for gorillas that were genetically predisposed to walk better, as happened with Homo Sapiens.