December 31, 2010

Things people don't say about restaurant websites . Recognised quite a few things that I don't say. And not just restaurants; Australian retailer web design overall standard is just bad.
  • "For you location I want a tiny map that is a JPG captured from MapQuest, without enough surrounding streets to figure out where it is, instead of a link to Google Maps with your address at the (A) - Zero persons". "And could you also cryptically misspell your address slightly so that Google Maps cannot find it - No one".
  • “I love downloading PDFs. Even if the menu is totally out of date, it’s worth the thrill.” this
  • on the other hand, something I know has been said about many restaurant websites... "It's a menu on a website, so how come I can't click on the Dish of the Day?" (Because EVERY restaurant must do home delivery, right?)
  • Mmmmm! Nothing says homemade better than a restaurant with no contact information.