December 23, 2010

Not Sure What Day It Is? The Intarwebs can help! With these seven 'single-serving' sites. Is today Sunday? - Is today Monday? - Is today Tuesday? - Is today Wednesday? - Is today Thursday? - Is today Friday? - Is today Saturday?

No, it can't be done with a single site answering "What day is it?" because sites like this only answer yes-or-no questions. And that's the way The Intarwebs work.

  • Happy holidays, everyone! (Unless you don't celebrate any holy days, in which case, Happy Days! (Unless you hate Fonzie, in which case, Happy ... Hour! (Unless you don't drink, in which case, Happy! (Unless you are unhappy, in which case, "!")))))
  • Cheer up, or you'll be Slapped...Happy
  • Monkey GO Happy 3 Merry Monkeymas to one and all!
  • I too thought, "Oh, no!" Monkeys go happy with ersatz human noses? I can't even say the pictures are merely anthropomorphic. No. They are blatent projections only of our own branch of that phylogenetic tree... Human noses break too easily. Or freeze off. Not so with normal monkey style air intake valves. Why? Why are these monkey chimera so happy? Are they getting a cut of the game intake?
  • God bless us, every one.
  • Merry Monkeymas!
  • Love <:(!)
  • Merry Christmas to all!!
  • Well that was a waste of time. It's 12:30am on Friday and it tried to tell me I wasn't there yet. Bad bad internets.
  • Oh and I hope everyone had a Merry Time while I was away. Now try and just up with us faster moving countries, please. Tx.