December 17, 2010

Wazzup in the coming New Year of the Rabbit . Let's predict: The weather--Official NOAA vs Farmer's Almanac Tide water levels Scary psychic prophecies Superbowl

Biotech more scary psychic stuff Economic predictions for the Average Joe Travel<>Computer attacks and finally The end times?

  • It's even worse than I thought... the "end times?" link is broken. Anyway, for The Year of the Rabbit, let me say something I usually reserve for a certain other site... OMG BUNNIES!
  • BUNNIES aren't just cute like everybody supposes....
  • BUNNIES aren't just cute, like everyone supposes.... They blink their doey eyes, and crinkle up their noses, But when the sun goes down, and your local tavern closes, They steal your stash and break your nose, with lead-filled rubber hoses.
  • Oh crap! 2011 End times Behold, the harbinger of evil: