December 11, 2010

Database shows how bees see world in UV That is all.
  • Neat stuff - I recall reading somewhere that in cases where flowers and plumage look dull (to us), they can actually be quite raucous in infra-red or UV. (otherwise known as I'm-not-talking-to-you) Typical - wait for hours and then they all come along at once. Posts that is.
  • Yup, poly, saw a nifty movie on that once. And those flowers with a lovely streak of color--well, that's the bee's landing line. Zooom! Right to the ol' pollen. Islander, I like the idea of a month's worth of booze on a honeymoon. mmmmmmm Mead!
  • We know things radiate differently under UV lighting, but we don't know that our simulated views are what the bee's brain sees, considering that color blind people may see gray for red, yet they do see it, only not as red. Similarly, the bee sees something where we don't, but what COLOR is it for them really? The bee sees What we can not. We try to pin it, But we won't. Only the facet of the compound eye Can ever fully satisfy.