December 07, 2010

Single Link Billy Joel You Tube Link All of Billy Joel's Greatest Hits. Simultaneously.
  • It starts to make sense at the end when it gets down to 2 or 3 songs. Someone has done the same thing with ALL of Rick Astley's greatest hit.
  • I know this is stupid of me, but I'm trying to understand why this is.
  • It is because someone made it so. This is the Internets. We have a sworn duty to do things which make no sense and add nothing to the well-being of society. Also sometimes we give away free software or leak documents or whatever in a vain attempt to make up for things like "keyboard cat".
  • Exactly, Frogs. And when I've had enough of sanity and reason I will click on to see things without a reason. For it is madness to try to find one.
  • This one pointless site makes sense to me... but I'm not sure if it's a never-ending cycle unless we can refresh it.
  • Oh. That's right. It's all up to the squirrels now :)
  • I like to think of this video as "somebody who hates Billy Joel subjects himself to listening to everything on his Greatest Hits album, probably more than once, in order to produce a cacophony that almost everybody will hate listening to" and laugh, laugh, laugh at the asshole who made it. Disclaimer: I don't MIND Billy Joel, sometimes cringing at his lyric writing but much more comfortable with it playing in the background for the melodies. There is one song NOT on his Greatest Hits album "Prelude/Angry Young Man" that I really enjoy, partly for the instrumental part where he makes the best possible use of his quirky piano-playing style but mostly for the lyric which someone suggested to me referred to a Radio Talk Show host from the 1970s I worked with and now can't listen to without a giggle. (The '70s host is not likely anyone you know, but he HAS become an "angry OLD man" just like in the lyric. *giggle*)
  • Hmmm, I'll give it a 3 out of ten. The lyrics are no fun to sing along with, and it's hard to dance. Hey, how about that Rick Astley?
  • Then there's the Arnold Scream Redux. Aliens monitoring our planet be warned!
  • Oh dear me yes.