December 05, 2010

Epic reddit thread on insults phrases that don't translate. via
  • Thanks Poly, I laughed out loud when I saw this one translated: "Jou mammie naai vir bakstene om jou sissie se hoerhuis te bou." meaning... "Your mother engages in prostitution in order to raise funds for the building materials necessary to construct a brothel from which your sister will operate".
  • Ah, yes. Ant fucking. Extreme attention to details that DON'T MATTER ALREADY. Have we not all sat through meetings like this?
  • "Cuanto mas alto trepa el mono, más se le ve el culo" - The higher the monkey climbs, the easier it is to see its ass.
  • My spouse commented that she had actually heard the term "ant fucking" used by a Dutch doctor, and had no idea that that was what it signified.