December 02, 2010

Sweet Victory Couple sues Google for trespassing to shoot photos for Google Street View. Google admits violating "Do No Evil" mantra. Couple wins massive payday one dollar.
  • I'd say that was about fair. If a photo of the house can be accessed on the web from their assessor's website, then what's the beef with google, other than coming up a private drive? Putting up a gate would have been a heck of a lot cheaper than a lawsuit, though.
  • If I knew the Google camera car was coming I'd quickly make a large sign saying "Copyright (c) 2010 Mapquest". Or paint a 60 foot penis on the roof. Yes, to find the link I just googled "60 foot penis", and Google has a permanent record that I did. :-(
  • That's OK, TT. I get spam for "60 foot penii" all the time.
  • The Google camera car came around last week but they haven't updated my street view that shows the car I no longer own. But if I'd had enough warning, I'd have gotten a big logo from these guys to put in front.
  • Better Google should be sued for intrusion on our search history for marketing purposes, or whatever else suits them (if you can't turn off stinkin' Javascript!)
  • Nice oddity, second from last :)