November 10, 2010

So Fresh. So Dry. So Wrong. (warning: auto-playing video/audio perky spokesperson) Feeling left out, ladies? They have a (less colorfully named) product for you too.

With Oatmeal and Tea Tree Oil? The jokes, they are TOO EASY.

  • They'll never beat this: also, for the ladies: Can I get a thumbs up?
  • I....that's real? *one quick google later...* my.
  • Not only real, but IT WORKS! *speaking as one who borrowed some on the fourth day of a 250 mile/five day endurance ride--after fifty miles a day, I was a tad raw. Everything was going great until the third day when it rained, and I was wearing Levis.... Yes folks, I'm here to TESTIFY!!
  • bee-ware! Tiger Balm may fail to charm if rubbed on balls or underarm
  • I enjoy the fact that the FAQ points out that the product has no taste, but it is strictly for external use, but that has no taste, but you're not supposed to eat it, but that it doesn't taste bad but...