October 31, 2010

Snake on a Galactic Plane for Halloween.

This is a pictorial post - help yourself. Enjoy.

  • bzzzzz...bzzzz..BOO!
  • That first link looks more like Nessie than a snake, actually, if ye discount the superimposed form. *now have goo-goo-googley eyes from squinting so long at the thing*
  • That's no snake, that's a Galactec Gecko!
  • Tell me Dr Gecko and Mr Hide do ye currently reside at Baker Street's 221B? Is Mrs Hudson still inside? And will she bring us tea?
  • Female "WW" half-clones with no fathers? Nature is truly stranger than fiction!
  • Certainly leads me into some odd byways of thought with regard to possible offspring of a human virgin. Bee Zee-ing ye, wee snakes. *doubts he'll ever have occaision to write that particular sentence again*