October 30, 2010

Holy Lit Up Toledo! Fifty photographers got together to take a night time shot of Toledo, with the dark areas of the city lit up using hand held flashes. via
  • Oh, Toledo, Spain... I was kinda hoping for Toledo, Ohio, birthplace of my maternal grandmother and Corporal Klinger on M*A*S*H (although she insisted they never met). No, seriously, when you say "Toledo", I think "Ohio" and not just for some kind of jingoistic American pride. For the record, I KNOW Paris, Texas is a joke, okay? Anyway, ooooooooh, purty!!!
  • Is that the Maumee River? See, I didn't believe it for a minute. There's no way you could get 50 photographers with real cameras to be in Toledo at the same time. Well, maybe if there was a MudHens game...
  • These pictures lend the old city a fairytale quality which I've never associated with it before. Interesting how much work went into this.
  • THAT is beautiful! On the one hand, I think it's just fantastic, on the other, I think about the energy being used and the light pollution it's causing. Oh, the difficulty of being a Gemini!
  • *blinks*
  • How much energy do hand held flashes use?
  • At least the light pollution by the photographers is temporary. I'm right there with you on light pollution in general though. Found an online estimate of 45 joules for a flashgun. A standard 60W incandescent bulb uses that in about three quarters of a second - so 45J is not a lot of energy in the scheme of things. According to this a AA alkaline battery contains a little over 9000 joules of energy, or enough for 200 flashes.
  • Wow. Thanks, polychrome. Do I recall correctly that you're a librarian? Anyway, finding such data is beyond my competence.
  • I am a librarian...on the inside just an engineer these days
  • ??? shoulda been inside
  • shutting up now