October 30, 2010

Make a wish and lock it in ... on ... a fence, a fountain, a railing ... you name it. This is recent, but not about hair. Nothing so cavalier as the lovelocks popular in the 17th century.
  • I love this! Beautiful link, bees. I don't know, though, what effect it would have on a relationship... a lock implies an inability to leave even if you wanted to. So I guess that as sympathetic magic it's charming, but as metaphor it's a little creepy. Give me lovelocks over love locks any day!
  • Yes, the locking in aspect of this seems overly restrictive. This practice apparently started in Italy after a 2006 movie featured a pair of young lovers 'locking their love in' and throwing the key away.
  • It's a pretty conceit, but as I get older, I realize that you can't keep love with a lock. It requires a bit more effort.
  • The popularity of lovelocks have increased the sale of hacksaws by 200%!
  • Much preferable to spray-painting your initials inside a heart on every available public surface.
  • Sting was thinking along the same lines... If you love somebody, If you really love somebody... Try to symbolize it with a physical manifestation of permanence belying you subconscious fear of abandonment and the realization of the non-permanence of romantic attachment. Set them free! (Free, free, set them free...)
  • The long lines of padlocks on railings remind me of strings of prayer flags. Which I suppose they are.
  • Picks or it didn't happen!
  • *groans* Steely, why did you hasp to go and do that?
  • Easy, people, don't you get all keyed up. And remember, lock puns and liquor are a bad combination.
  • Have I ever told ye the one about the lox myth?
  • With all this keen wit, someone who cam in here would do a dead bolt out again. It's enough to raise a Monkey's shackles.
  • You might say I'm the Master of my own domain. And yet nobody has yet noted that this is MonkeyFilter.
  • Did ye say donkey engine?
  • You guys are getting all keyed up over nothing. If you don't behave, it will be the lock-down for both of you.
  • Ye mean the lock-up?
  • Yes beez, the po-key.
  • Heh! a clasp without a kiss a catch not in my side a quay that's not though I am all at sea