October 30, 2010

Zombie Blue Sears has done a lot of stupid things in the process of going from America's Largest Retailer to an also-ran where nobody shops anymore. But with their web-based Halloween promotion, for the first time in a long time, they're showing they have BRA-A-I-INS.

Click on "Switch to English" to read the titles and captions more easily, or try the Zombie Friend Maker.

  • Well, some of my younger acquaintance seem attracted to/by the concept of zombies, so I suppose this might work for that demographic.
  • Yes, what is with the attraction to zombies and vampires on the part of the younger generation nowadays? (You evil undead get off my lawn!)
  • The "glittering vampires" started attracting teen-aged girls so the zombie revival was to give teen-aged boys an alternative.
  • Vampire as sexy -? - well ... maybe. But zombie as sexy?!?! *gags*
  • How do you like THIS model?
  • I guess if a zombee ye must have, this must do. Ugly as Republican sin, though, what with the bad make-up and all, to my eyes!
  • Sears may have mass produced zombie product, but Northington T. Massaro sells hand-sewn, brain-eating zombie dolls and comics... More? Last Friday I bought one of his comics at First Friday, Philadelphia's monthly art gallery crawl. (He was one of those artists selling on the sidewalk.)
  • after pondering the 'sexiness' of zombies get outta my bed ye horrid zombie ye fail to allure when pieces of thee drop off and lie rotting and reeking, ye see
  • Lush and green grows Life from a normal root. Then comes the grey zombie shoot Springing up from the jaded root Its Unlove with Life to share.
  • *applauds* in the grey after-season zombies seek a second death deprived of reason along with breath I'd rather deal with vampires Stokered up intently sipping from where blood is dripping without chunks of zombie meat to fall and slime my feet
  • Or Zombie Blues by philosopher of Mind David Chalmers?