October 27, 2010

The Story of the Dancing Frog looks like a cute tale of loss and rebirth, as it were. The sample illustrations are charming in their sophisticated, loose simplicity... Their style reminds me of Tadpole's Promise, illustrated by Tony Ross...
  • I imagine that Quentin Blake is better known on the British side of the pond. Here's a short scene from the animated version of the story...
  • The Dancing Frog is visual fun; the illustrations are delightfully light and airy. [Given my druthers, I would do without the commentary by Mr Berlatsky, though I daresay he has a dual purpose - both to sell the tale and to give sufficient information to whet the appetites of as many potential buyers/parents as possible.]
  • It is the cruel burden of my life with the Looney Tunes that I could not look at this story without comparing it to "One Froggy Evening". Did George the Frog do the Michigan Rag?
  • Frogs have always been spectacular hits around here. Thanks to DanFolkus and foop! we now have frog marching to two very different drummers. Also nostalgic: Hopkin Green Frog.
  • What a wonderful bird the frog are. When he sit he stand almost. When he hop he fly almost. He ain't got no tail hardly either. And when he sit, he sit on what he ain't got almost hardly. Anon.
  • Sometimes I sits and thinks. And sometimes I just sits. (...and maybe whack a passing moth or fly out of the air with my huge elastic tongue).
  • Aye, Smilin' Ed and Froggy the Gremlin. Not quite Beany and Cecil, but definitely in the off-beat category of kids shows.
  • As a young boy, I had a rubber frog like that! They dressed it up with a cloth vest on that show, but I recognize the little rascal.
  • Oh, bees. Have you seen this link? What a queer bird, the frog are song Careful, it's addictive.
  • Hadn't encountered that before - thanks, BlueHorse.
  • Thank you for reminding me about it. My G-kids love it, and we play it and sing along (badly.)
  • I get it - "croaked" - heh.