October 21, 2010

Long cat is long . New cat takes over Guinnness world record. Long Cat's (Shiroi IRL) record deposed by Stewie Original Long Cat: The Movie

Long Cat: The meme

  • Not really up on cats, but here's irrefutable long horse evidence. Also, though some earlier links have expired.
  • All I know about LOLCATs, including Longcat, I learned from Adam Koford's Laugh-Out-Loud Cats.
  • Missing link from the long horse thread...
  • Longcat update:
  • But wait... there's more!
  • Koford's shifting land-and-sky-scapes remind me a lot of Herriman's Krazy Kat. Which I find admirable.
  • "The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats" began under the premise of being the 'rediscovered' cartoons of Koford great-grandfather, circa 1920 (therefore obviously very retro-styled). Starting with the semi-inside joke of Early-20th-Century hoboes doing parallel versions of Early-21st-Century internet memes (he was inspired by some similarities in the language in strips like Krazy Kat to the childish "LOLspeak"), he has branched out in the course of over 1500 comics to a wide assortment of cultural references (even a MetaFilter in-joke!), fleshing out the two hobo cats' characters and engaging in surreality and fourth-wall-breaking. Then he did a long story arc starting with a desert island scenario around the time of the "Lost" finale and ending with a dozen comics that were "all a dream" while "Inception" was in theaters (with the added difficulty of repeating the dozen numbered strips with the same dialog in different scenarios. Adam Koford is one of my favorite cartoonists, even though he once stole a joke from me.
  • Not sure I understand what ye mean by 'over 1500 comics' - would ye mean a series of the same comic strip or 1500 different ones? Or maybe published books, the way Kelly used to out periodically with various books featuring Pogo et al?
  • Ah, Walt Kelly, my hero. We have met the enemy, and he is us.
  • 1500 individual pieces of the same series, bees. He numbers them in the title of each blogpost. And after the "dream" semi-rebooting, he now has done more than the number showing. By comparison, the 'Comic Space Opera' "Schlock Mercenary" is at about 3,750 (every day without fail since June 2000, with the art improving from horrendous to just odd), "Diesel Sweeties" is over 2600 (plus several hundred from a 2 year run with a newspaper syndicator which were mostly NOT repeats of webcomics), "Questionable Content" is almost to 1800 (with more art improvement than Schlock), "xkcd" is just over 800, "The Order of the Stick" (with much better stick figures than xkcd) is up to 750, "Basic Instructions" is at about 400, and Garfield has over 11,800 in 32.3 years (using a total of 17 jokes, he snarked) while "Square Root of Minus Garfield", the Collaborative-Meta-Mashup that I have contributed to is just over 500. And all this has just convinced me to revive my old Webcomics Blog - stay tuned.
  • Well, Foop, no wonder you're the cat's pajamas! Thanks. Wish Sortelli would do more Elf Only Inn. I enjoyed his early work most, schlocky and static though things looked.
  • and I have now spent most of a day reading Questionable Content.
  • Felix the Cat featured in movies starting in 1919. His career on tv began in 1928.