October 12, 2010

Conceptual sculpture--Art Cars!! . (click on genre links for more mileage goodness)
  • Well, the Bananabike is certainly eye-catching. But who needs to drive around in food?
  • Food for thought, or transportation, leaves us wishing to resist inebriation.
  • some may resist but a Scot would not
  • That spooky Carthedral would make for an appropriately tawdry Popemobile and I'd love to drive the Bumper Car in rush hour traffic.
  • O Cowasaki do your big brown eyes appeal to motorcycle guys?
  • Bananabike, vitamins, fiber, and gas.
  • bananabike vitamins fiber and gas went down to the lake to swim they took some honey and plenty of money and each used a pseudonym The enticement of that rhythm I cannot resist.