October 07, 2010

This is a news website article about a scientific paper.
  • I love this sort of thing!
  • O buggeraci├▓n. I have posted an double. Shame be upon me and upon all my descendants even unto the 24th-and-a-halfth generation. Arrrghghghghghhghgggg.
  • I had my usual granola for breakfast. Added sunflower seeds, walnuts, and cottage cheese. Forgot the raisins. Might as well have another cuppa coffee while I'm here.
  • *raises mug* To Pallas and breakfast threads, we love thee both!
  • Cheerios with milk, a glass of cranberry-grape juice, two toasted and buttered crumpets, one with peanut butter and the other with strawberry jam, a big cuppa coffee, three pills and a smoke.
  • What islander said, except not the cheerios, juice or crumpets. I really must remember to eat breakfast properly...
  • This is a comment on a posting about a news website article about a scientific paper. This is the paragraph where I discuss my breakfast.
  • Western Bagels' Blueberry Bagels are the bestest blueberriest bageliest blueberry bagels you can buy in a supermarket in California. I used to live near Western Bagels' original bagel bakery in Van Nuys; driving past there at certain hours of the day was a treat; yeah, I know they're not really "New York Style" but sometimes "Van Nuys Style" is good enough for me! (And I love their logo! The little cowboy is shooting holes in bagels!)
  • We bought a new toaster. It makes crumpets extra good. And I purchased a travel coffee mug so I can reduce my paper cup consumption, so my coffee tasted extra good too!
  • Lessee... Today was waffles and some of the plum syrup I made yesterday. I put cottage cheese and sunflower seeds on mine for the protein. The coffee was made by Mr. BlueHorse, who has the coffee touch. Trac, was the toaster a victim of the earthquake, or did you just get a new one for your crumpets? (Crumpets is a wonderful word to say) crumpets crumpets crumpets crumpets Just what kind of a crumpet do you put in a toaster anyway? I thought a crumpet was like a muffin?
  • Crumpets! What makes 'em great is that the butter and jam melts down into all of those little holes on top.
  • Yeah, crumpets are English Muffins for people who consider themselves too good for English Muffins. (I think they're also popular in New Zealand and other places that haven't forgiven the British for certain things) They are a good alternative for those days when your teeth hurt too much for a hard bagel, but 'round here, I've only found them at Trader Joes where they're much more expensive than bagels or muffins. Of course, the coffee tastes better in a brand new travel mug, but after a few weeks of building up the coffee stains that never totally wash out, that'll change.
  • Ah, English Muffins! Of course. I lubs me some English Muffins, but from now on, I'm only going to eat CRUMPETS! I'm sure they'll taste better with a high-falutin' name. And as long as you NEVER use your travel mug for anything else, it will simply season and mellow. (foop, some people even wash theirs instead of letting it sit with three day old coffee in it.)
  • I don't drink coffee myself, but the coffee mugs I've seen fall into two categories: (1) permanently stained and (2) clean, but with owners who swear at them whenever they clean them.
  • You can buy an eight-pack of crumpets for $2, so we buy a pack every week as a breakfast treat. By the time you slather the butter on they're hardly healthy! We have had a run of broken things: the toaster died (the same day we ran out of milk for my coffee, raar). Then someone crashed into #2 in the newish car, so it was at the panelbeater's for 10 days. Came back from panelbeaters and promptly got a puncture, then when we changed the tyre I went to the garage to get said tyre repaired but the battery was dead. Took oldish car to garage with tyre while #2 charged battery, then mechanic told me we needed FOUR new tyres. That was as of Thursday, so we seem to be back to normal at present. Good grief.
  • Hey, butter is a dairy product. Dairy products are one of the major food groups. Dairy products are good for you--calcium builds strong bones. I say eat more butter on your crumpets! Did you ever notice if someone's going to hit you, they hit you when you're driving the newest car?