October 02, 2010

Nekked show jumping FTW!! . He's got his helmet and his groove on. That is all.

Oh those French. Oooo la la!

  • And the horse is neeked too! No saddle, no stirrups to help absorb the force when the horse comes down from the jump. All I could think was owie!
  • ouch, ouch, ouch, ....
  • thank you BlueHorse I am at a loss.
  • I'm thinkin' that dude would be at a loss on a high-whithered jumping horse. But then again, maybe he never wanted children anyway. Having ridden bareback, I can tell you that the best seat (and he has a fabulous seat) is on a sweaty horse. However, horse sweat really itches, and even with jeans on, the sweat and hair work it's way through the fabric. It doesn't bear contemplating riding bareback bare. Where's Bees? He needs to weigh in on this subject. What kind of horsin' around are you doing lately, Mr. Wacky?
  • ITS dammit! ITS. High-withered. And why don't we have some sort of a preview button around this joint? *grumble grumble*
  • I suspect the man is also high-withered, in some way.
  • Perhaps high-nethered as well.
  • See, this is good information to know. Only been on a horse for short periods of time (had my shirt EATEN by a horse, but I digress) so if it ever comes up in the future I will be suitably prepared - naked barebacking best involves a sweaty horse.
  • That's just. Oh. My. Seriously? Wow. Ouch.
  • Years ago, Pat Smythe said the best way to acquire a good seat was to ride bareback. Can't recall her saying anything about riding bare backside, though.
  • I guess you should call this undressage.
  • Ignore the neigh-sayers... Zorgon for the whinny!
  • He does have a good seat (in both senses!), but at times his hands are all over the place. Guess I should be thankful that no other bits are all over the place...
  • but at times his hands are all over the place. Yeah, and he occasionally lost his leg position and knocked down a rail, too. Honey, just the fact that he stayed on over those (high) jumps at that speed *NEKKED AND BAREBACK* impresses the heck out of me. Pessoa and Beerbaum just might have lost it once or twice under those conditions, too. (And I don't think their butts would have been near as cute. Although, being old school, the probably would have had more class than to ride in a state of undress.)
  • Highly amusing, BlueHOrse. I'm not without a deal o' sympathy for the young man. Who rode very well, to be sure. But he faulted a jump, and if ye must pull such a stunt, 'tis imperative to manage a clean round. Yes, I am being old school here: 'tis best, always, to show your HORSE's quality and not try to sell your ... um ... self's. Though your mileage may differ, o' course.