September 29, 2010

Banana Facts
  • Let me add another banana fact: "It is easier to peel a banana from the other end". When I heard this I tried it. And it is. So I'm not sure why we all intuitively break it open at the "attachment" end. Must just be a case of monkey see and monkey do.
  • Probably because the "attachment" end is easier to "break open" and start
  • Bananas don't just come in yellow, you know. Pink bananas!
  • I lubs me some bananas with my granola. and walnuts, and grapes, and sunflower seeds, and peaches and...
  • a glow-in-the-dark banana may seem extreme but we could follow a banana-bearer at night by the gleam *waves fond farewell to the Gros Michel*
  • Knitted Banana Peels mmmmmm, a-peal-ing!
  • That's awful! There's nothing more depressing than a banana peel. Walking into the kitchen to find a blackened peel buzzing with flies and left on the counter engenders in me complete existential nihilism.