September 29, 2010

Unccl DQnl. Gb ZR!
  • I had almost forgotten that dhbafne has his birthday the day before mine (hint hint). Well, I already wished his Blort a Happy Birthday on another related forum, and I've developed Birthday fatigue due to the ridiculous number of MeFites, MoFites and MeChans who are Virgos and Libras. Also my refrigerator just died, ensuring that I'll be celebrating my birthday by consuming mass quantities of thawing Stouffers Lasagna. In other words, BAH HUMBUG to you too, q-ball. (And why did you capitalize the Q in that coded message? Is this a formal change in policy or did you forget your former lower-case fetish?) And always remember, MY disabled MeFi account will always have a lower user number (206) than yours (986). Neener neener neener.
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  • Get a room, you two.
  • Hey, it was kind of a family reunion. It's been years since the q has "your mom"ed me in ROT13. And it was his birthday and now it's mine, so you can blow me... candles on my birthday cake.
  • Unccl Jraqryyfqnl!
  • Punzcntar!
  • Qevax! Srpx! Nefr! Tveyf!
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