September 29, 2010

Green and Carbon Neutral web hosting providers. David Herron, who I've never heard of before today, lists green web hosting providers alphabetically, with information about the hosts, and what he calls characteristics, which should properly be called services.

I'm thinking of purchasing a domain and found this useful, so brought it home to monkeys.

  • I went with DreamHost for several years after bad experiences with a couple companies NOT on Herron's list. Good deal, full service, better control over your domains. But when I decided to consolidate multiple domains under a WordPress Multi-User installation, it surprisingly lacked support for it. So I moved to HostGator (also on the list) and am happy as a clam, even though I'm not currently doing much with my new capabilities. DreamHost had a couple highly-publicized outages over the years, but that was mostly because they're big and hosting a lot of high-profile sites... and high-profile complainers. I know Pair Networks gets the best reviews from a lot of "serious" webmasters; more expensive but more service-oriented if you think you'll need a lot of human-based customer service.