September 28, 2010

Ready. Set. Write! . Make your mark Monkeys...
  • Whoops, need to credit davidjmcgee from over yonder
  • Every year I say I'm going to do NaNoWriMo and wuss out. This year I am doing it! I just need to get the creative juices flowing, between looking after kids, making school lunches, teaching, going to meetings, choir, night classes, facebooking, leading the Kea Scouts, driving across town, and mucking about on the internets. It'll work, right? Or should I play it safe and stick with a six-minute limit?
  • I did NaNoWriMo a few years back but the result was not fit for human consumption. I keep on think I should do NaNoEditMo. But this six minute thing? It's all out in the public. Not for me.
  • Think ye write both lucidly and well, tracicle, but ye also have an admirable gift for being succinct. With all those other activities something shorter than a novel might suit ye better at present. Suspect if I stopped writing I'd be even madder than I bee now, meech. PS I read your profile.
  • Ha, bees, you flatter me. Succinct to cover up the inanity. :p
  • Actually, no, tracicle, I don't.
  • Yeah, I think she sucks ink too. Lousy squid monster, won't let me be admin, grumble grumble.
  • Isn't there any way to inspire you Monkeys to write?
  • *types the word "banana" 600 times*
  • Typing the word "banana" is easy-- it's stopping that's hard...
  • *points at Pratchett quote*
  • Aw quiddy, you may never be an admin, but if you ever visit I'd totally buy you a beer. x
  • And I should of course return the favour, my dear tracicle, should you ever rise from your benthic realm! By the way, I see that you have written "may never be admin" - not "will never". Thus I will persist in the hope that the time of cruel miracles is not yet past.
  • Sure, sure. You do that. *affectionate and sympathetic hug, the kind you give your slightly confused grandma*
  • *GramMa looks confused* Hugs? Did I miss them?