September 25, 2010

Curious George: Best Internet? I had had SO much trouble with trying to keep up an internet connection lately. I mean HOURS, total days even trying to get Verizon dsl to work a simple (I won't even mention, Netgear - may their router AND their "switcher" cum "ladder" become crushed, and then ground into dust, before being burned...) But we don't even HAVE cable TV right now. They do make curious offers. I would love some kind of advice! Should I switch?
  • I've had Cable Internet (or as I call it Cabal Internet) ever since I moved into my current address. And since it's Charter, the company owned by Paul "The Microsoft Founder Who Got Out Before He Turned Evil" Allen, it was damned good - for a while. And I found I could sometimes leapfrog from one promotional deal to another, and when I couldn't, a few months later I'd threaten to quit and got a better-than-rate-card price. Right now I have 12-15mbps download speed and all the two-digit Cable TV Chanrica) for $75/month (an official $30 discount). It is usually a better deal in combo with the TV and using one old computer with Windows Media Center as a DVR I am accomplishing a lot on the cheap. But then, I have to. There have been outages; it got the worst about 2 years ago then got better, but considering I'm WAY out of the middle of town (so far that phone company DSL is not available) I feel relatively lucky and a fairly satisfied customer. Of course, after 3-4 problem-free months, I have had three 10-20 minute outages since seeing this post (I BLAME YOU DAN FOLKUS). I tried the Cable Telephone in the combo but ended up just buying a Magic Jack which, fed through the same DVR/computer, works okay but NOT Old Bell System reliable (and my Mobile Phone is a pay-as-you-go dumbphone... like I said, CHEAP). I own a modem/router (Linksys, not Netgear) so I'm not paying rent on a cable company box, saving another $3-5/month. And unless I'm mistaken, the lowest speed available on Cable Internet should be higher than DSL. Compare prices accordingly. And talk to neighbors about outages; I can't vouch for any other cable company than Charter in MY area. I think Paul Allen may have a house near here; that might get the local service special attention, y'know?