September 18, 2010

The Atlantic is getting bigger - for hurricanes that is. And this is only the second recorded time (the other was in 1926, for 6 hours) that there are two simultaneous Category 4 storms.via
  • What with all of the unprecedented storms, droughts, heat waves, pestilences and other phenomena of late, it's almost as if dear old Mother Nature is putting up a fight. My money's on the old dame.
  • As has been said before by persons wiser than I, we don't need to Save the Earth, we need to Save Ourselves; the Earth can take care of itself, and if that includes turning on us, that's the way it's going to be. This planet does not exist for us to 'subdue' no matter what some poorly translated holy book seems to say, and it's certainly not obligated to keep providing a climate conducive to whatever you want to do, especially when what you're doing is changing the chemical balance of the environment. We need this planet; it does not need us. And Mother Nature can (and often does) beat up your God.
  • I want a bumper sticker that says My mother (nature) can beat up your god.
  • No storms reaching the middle east coast of the US so far this year. As everything is all about me, I am not worried about this increase in storms. If they don't knock down limbs in my town, they don't exist.