September 13, 2010

That nostalgic neon . East... The Neon of Old New York West... Vegas strip And across the nation... Road trip! Let's see some neon.

Making a neon sign Tell me more about neon signs Write your name in neon! Miami Beach is where neon goes to die. Lenny Bruce Neon jellyfish!

  • Neat post, GramMa! I remember Vancouver's many neon signs on Granville, in Chinatown and down on Hastings. Sadly, many of them have fallen into disrepair or are gone entirely, but there seems to a bit of a revival going on. Here's a link to some fondly-remembered Vancouver Neon.
  • I love your linkie, islander. The cafe signs are teh awesome!! Two Parrots, The Ovaltine, Round-up Cafe, the Aristocrat--Those are nifty names, too. I am lusting over that sea horse and flying pig. And Helen on her swing--oh la la! The postcard of Chinatown is amazing. I'd rather walk down a street like that than the Vegas Strip. I think Vancouver has some of the neatest neon I've ever seen.