September 13, 2010

Three Minute Fiction

I've always wanted to enter, but I'd always heard about it after the fact. Round five just opened up, so there you have it. 22,973 monkeys over 15 days...

  • OK. I'm going to try it. *figuratively licks pencil, prepares for possible public humiliation*
  • Does anyone think the use of profanity (e.g. "fucking") will necessarily knock a submission out of the running? I don't want to change my story, but I suppose it has no chance if I leave that in. Though, I did hear "dick" on This American Life today.
  • Good luck, Monkeys. I'm excluded from this, apparently because I'm an alien.
  • Don't take it to heart, Ed. It just gives the rest of a chance.
  • Dead line in about 6 hours. I just submitted mine. Thank god, 'cause I'm sick of thinking about it.