September 12, 2010

Now this is underhanded viral catnip IKEA releases 100 cats inside one of its UK stores.
  • The additional link makes this a great post.
  • The definitive cat commercial will always be Cowboys Herding Cats. But the IKEA 100 cats is an interesting video (I love the disappearing cat and how they put holes in the wall, and the cat just finally appears--damn cats!) It's interesting the cats were more involved with checking out the spaces than getting into squabbles. Comments that the cats were terrified are bullshite. The cats wanted *down*--so much to explore! I am surprised that there wasn't any damage--or none that was mentioned. Piddling, furniture clawed, glass broken, etc--remember: Anything not nailed down is a kitten toy! And anything they can pry up, doesn't really count as nailed down... Of my three, the old tortie cat would simply find a soft hiding spot to shed hair over, white Quotes cat would be investigating everything in the store looking for meeses, and orange Steve would be supervising and eventually wind up as the the cat in the final shot, adorably sleeping in the chair.
  • So, some politicians tend to be polecats ... poll cats. All cats are muss cats. No cats are muscats.