September 11, 2010

Top New Zealand scientist quits - didn't actually know the "Cool Runnings" guys. Or was an ex-Marine, apparently. Also, China's top UN diplomat apparently got good and plastered recently and then admitted that he didn't like Americans. Or his boss.

This whole government/ really still a work in progress isn't it? At least Australia HAS a government now more or less. Unlike the Netherlands which seems to be having a tough time of it.

  • Hmm... What can be gleaned from all this? Maybe that if we want to hear the unvarnished truth, drunkenness ought to be mandatory for officials, diplomats and politicians?
  • Tell the truth and shame the devil!!
  • In the U.S.ofA., officials are only forced to resign if it is discovered that, sometime in their past, they were Liberal.
  • Personally I lean towards everything just going completely bonkers - for instance.
  • It's all on in political land at the moment: another politician known for being an advocate of the Three Strikes law managed to cover up a conviction for assault in 2002 (or thereabouts) in Tonga. When that came up in the news, a reporter asked him if there was anything else the public should be aware of...and it turned out that in the late '90s he'd faked a passport (for kicks!) using the identity of a dead baby. Awesome.
  • Politicians: constantly confusing the terms "class act" and "ass act"