September 09, 2010

Woman's persistence pays off in regenerated fingertip.
  • Absolutely amazing! I know a gal that lost a finger tip when she got it caught in a lead rope and the horse pulled back. Her's was at the first joint, and I would imagine it would be somewhat more problematic with the bone gone, but she would have been grateful to have had more flesh covering the bone end. Gets sore and cold in the winter.
  • I can't believe that the "saved" finger tip is real. It shows no signs of decay.
  • My daughter had the tip of her finger cut off, riding a shopping cart that flipped on it. We put her finger tip on ice but they cut the meat out of it and only re-attached the skin for some reason. It healed up well though.
  • flurker, there is a little freezer burn if you look close...
  • I looked too close. It poked me right in the eye.