September 09, 2010

Beneath Gunung Mulu National Park.
  • Beautiful. Except for the wrinkled-lipped bats. Don't want to meet a wrinkled-lipped bat. Although I love bats, think they're very necessary, and am saddened because their numbers worldwide appear to be on the decline. But still, these have wrinkled lips. The handprint are cool. I bet they smushed the paint around to make their hands look bigger. Or else they were awfully big. Big enough to scare a wrinkled-lip bat, even. I'll bet that cave echos when it rains.
  • Only a closet human would spring for loving unwrinkled lips. A REAL monkey, like a chimp, has wrinkled lips from the git-go, and loves that.
  • Just whose lips are you calling wrinkled??
  • Young chimps, on the other hand, have the wrinkled lips of a human crone already. Thus, even if chimps exalt youth like we do, wrinkles are not a factor, eh?
  • Speaking of caves though, this headhunter's skull cave in also on Borneo.
  • I could only link the thumbnail at that site, but here it is.
  • Quote from Dan's link to the skull cave: There were only a small handful of us, and communications in the area were quite basic. But the bush telegraph got the message through. Yes, that would worry me. I've heard that native vendors can be quite bloodthirsty. *doesn't want contents of wallet to end up in pocket, or contents of head to end up in cave*