August 27, 2010

"All of the evidence points toward a conclusion that the sun is "communicating" with radioactive isotopes on Earth." Apparently solar radiation (of some type--probably neutrinos but nobody knows for sure) affects the inner workings of certain Earthly atoms.

"As the researchers pored through published data on specific isotopes, they found disagreement in the measured decay rates – odd for supposed physical constants. Checking data collected at Brookhaven National Laboratory on Long Island and the Federal Physical and Technical Institute in Germany, they came across something even more surprising: long-term observation of the decay rate of silicon-32 and radium-226 seemed to show a small seasonal variation. The decay rate was ever so slightly faster in winter than in summer."

  • My decay rate is also ever so slightly faster in winter than in summer.
  • Presumably the radioactive speed-up times equal the slow-down times for dating prehistoric events on earth. Otherwise only Bishop Usher's 6,000 year constant holds true for the age of the Earth.
  • I'm with foop. That Seasonal Affective Decay rate is much worse in winter. I lubs me some solar radiation on my isotopes!
  • Fascinating story. It almost makes me want to go and read the original papers.