August 26, 2010

Turkmenbashi's revolving golden statue removed from plinth in Ashgabat Everyone knows about the excesses of Saparmurat Niyazov, aka Turkmenbashi, former post-Soviet dictator of Turkmenistan. His 90m-high, golden, sun-tracking statue was removed from its plinth today, four years after the dictator's death.

Perhaps it will find a new home on the fourth plinth, in Trafalgar Square, London?

  • Oh and: There once was a thread on MoFi That contained poetry bout the 'bashi zorgon forgot to link to this spot and thus his post is that trashy.
  • And MoFi does not rhyme with trashy. But I'm glad you mentioned it; I was about to post a comment reminding you, pedantic ass that I am.
  • Ah good: they've freed up that space for my golden revolving sun-facing statue.
  • Exactly my thought, Monkeybashi. *bows*
  • But, Monkeybashi, I have been scouting locations around my area (California Central Coast). It'd fit right in with Hearst Castle, Morro Rock, The Madonna Inn, Bubblegum Alley and the Pismo Giant Clam.
  • Monkeybashi, I can visualize you up on that plinth now... *closes eyes* *opens eyes* Actually, I was visualizing you in more of a gold aspect rather than red, but hey, whatever.
  • I am now down one laptop, thanks a bunch. *blush*
  • I'd kiss that.