August 24, 2010

It's Still Too Early for 90s Nostalgia... and it may NOT really be the "Top 50 Music Videos of the 1990s" (it's a Pitchfork list, they never get it quite right) but it's still a fine collection. Feel free to leave links to the obvious ones it missed...

Also, at 10 videos per page, it's a reasonable balance between 'one item at a time' pageview whoring and an impossibly long single page load.

  • It is amazing how many of these 90's videos for which there is so much nostalgia are themselves just videos featuring 70's nostalgia (which Weezer takes one step further, as their video features 70's nostalgia about the 50's. Every twenty years is cool.
  • Sit back and relax kids. It'll all come around again. And the next time you'll laugh and wonder what were you ever thinking. Look at those idjuts!
  • Nostalgia - Now Threepence Off Where are they now, the heroes of furry-paged books and comics brighter than life which packed my inklined desk in days when BOP meant Boys' Own Paper, where are they anyway? Where is Percy F. Westerman? Where are H. L. Gee and Arthur Mee? Where is Edgar Rice (the Warlord of Mars) Burroughs, the Bumper Fun Book and the Wag's Handbook? Where is the Wonder Book of Reptiles? Where the hell is the Boy's Book of Bacteriological Warfare? Where are the Beacon Readers? Did Ro-ver, that tireless hound, devour his mon-o-syll-ab-ic-all-y correct family? Did Little Black Sambo and Epaminondas dig the last sit-in? Did Peter Rabbit get his when myxomatosis came round the second time, did the Flopsy Bunnies stiffen to a standstill, grow bug-eyed, fly-covered and then disintegrate? Where is G. A. Henty and his historical lads - Wolfgang the Hittite, Armpit the Young Viking, Cyril who lived in Sodom? Where are their uncorrupted bodies and Empire-building brains, England needs them, the Sunday Times says so. There is news from the Strewelpeter mob. Johnny-Head-In-Air spends his days reporting flying saucers, the telephone receiver never cools from the heat of his hand. Little Harriet, who played with matches, still burns, but not with fire. The Scissorman is everywhere. Babar the Elephant turned the jungle into a garden city. But things went wrong. John and Susan, Titty and Roger, became unaccountably afraid of water, sold their dinghies, all married each other, live in a bombed-out cinema on surgical spirits and weeds of all kinds. Snow White was in the News of the World - Virgin Lived With Seven Midgets, Court Told. And in the psychiatric ward an old woman dribbles as she mumbles about a family of human bears, they ate porridge, yes Miss Goldilocks of course they did. Hans Brinker vainly whirled his silver skates around his head as the jackboots of Emil and the Detectives invaded his Resistance Cellar. Some failed. Desperate Dan and Meddlesome Matty and Strang the Terrible and Korky the Cat killed themselves with free gifts in a back room at the Peter Pan Club because they were impotent, like us. Their audiences, the senile Chums of Red Circle School, still wearing for reasons of loyalty and lust the tatters of their uniforms, voted that exhibition a super wheeze. Some succeeded. Tom Sawyer's heart has cooled, his ingenuity flowers at Cape Canaveral. But they are all trodden on, the old familiar faces, so at the rising of the sun and the going down of the ditto I remember I remember the house where I was taught to play up play up and play the game though nobody told me what the game was, but we know now, don't we, we know what the game is, but lives of great men all remind us we can make our lives sublime and departing leave behind us arseprints on the sands of time, but the tide's come up, the castles are washed down, where are they now, where are they, where are the deep shelters? There are no deep shelters. Biggles may drop it, Worrals of the Wraf may press the button. So, Billy and Bessie Bunter, prepare for the last and cosmic Yarooh and throw away the Man-Tan. The sky will soon be full of suns. --Adrian Mitchell