August 23, 2010

A group of Danish "Something Awful" members have built what they call "the world's largest amateur space rocket". (pictures at link) They're going to launch it 'at sea' next week from an equally home-made platform after towing it out using the submarine they built last year. Now THAT's a hobby.
  • I saw that movie, The Astronaut Farmer, a couple years ago. I had never heard about that event when it happened. I simply can't believe that guy built his own rocket and orbited the earth on a rocket that he built and launched from his own farm. That is incredible.
  • That's 'cause he didn't.
  • He didn't? I thought that actually happened. Huh. Shows you what I know.
  • It was a movie, not based in fact. (But I also had a feeling there was some truth to it - strange).
  • Holy shit. It really wasn't a true story. I think that ruins the movie for me. But there really is a guy who dresses up like a bat and fights crime, right?
  • I think that guy's name was Wedell-man, or something like that. Saw him in tights, actually, with a bat wing 'W' on his chest.
  • *typo* (No wonder he changed his name!)
  • This guy? Totally fictitious. Created by the webcartoonist who does Evil Inc.
  • Aw crud, messed up my html :(