August 14, 2010

Brainless slime mould makes decisions like humans. [Via]
  • Fascinating. I, for one, welcome etc etc
  • I, for one, have frequently worked at companies where the top management was brainless slime mould. (I can hear Scott Adams telling his syndicate to put a rush on his "brainless slime mould" comic)
  • I sometimes wonder if brainless human teens can make as selective a decision as some brainless slime moulds (or even molds)
  • Teens? Brainless humans of all ages are among us, or are you just trying to get the slime mould/molds off your lawn, BH?
  • Got me on that one, foopster. It's just that I've been dealing with two of the younger species of plasmods lately that appear to have slime rather than cerebral material. (and their not even related to me!) *sighs* The ceramic gnome (molds) are welcome to stay under the bushes. The rest of you young whipperslime-rs slither off my lawn!
  • Apparently, their (lackadaisical) language skills are rubbing off, even if they're not related to me.
  • I would suggest Foop's Special Word Game next time you take these urchins out to a restaurant and have an upturned place mat to write on. Or, there's a drawing game called Add-a-Part that wiles away the wait, each person adding to the drawing of the last.
  • If these games don't help, take it with a grain of salt. Intelligence is over rated. Has it made humans less likely to destroy the world than germs which are likely to destroy the host body? It may all come down to slimy choices anyway, like the link implies.
  • Apparently common sense is highly overrated, too. Teenagers and their slimy choices--faugh!!
  • "Common sense... it's not that common".
  • "Common Sense" is on my list of Oxymorons. (Along with "Common Courtesy") My new blog (in beta), titled "Antisequitur" (because sometimes non-sequiturs are not enough" is dedicated to Uncommon Nonsense that is more sensible than Common Sense. (And MY "Special Word Game"? I'd forgotten that I had posted the first M.O.N.K.E.Y. thread when I posted the ninth one recently. I (or somebody else) seriously need to update the wiki entry, but it does point out that it originated elsewhere and was merely stolen by me)
  • MonkeyFilter: "Common sense... it's not that common". Let that be our mantra! Yeah, foop, I hijacked goofyfoot number game, but nobody likes it, in spite of the pictures. *pouts*