August 10, 2010

How Evolution Gave Us The Human Edge.
  • Dandy links, homunculus. We need to set up user accounts for these guys! That Australopithecus africanus is one happy party dude. Love the grin. Neanderthalensis? He'll be our alternate mod, obviously. Homo heidelbergensis reminds me of Dan Folkus, and goofyfoot might know that Australopithecus afarensis dude. Frankly, if we get them accounts, we might just have more FPPs. You other monkeys need to check out the article on Mrs. Charles Darwin's Advice For Walking Upright Some days I get up, and it's just like the one article says... MonkeyFilter: Our remarkable brain... it's just 3 pounds of inefficient jelly.
  • I have relatives who lived near the original Smuckers factory and visited there as a child. I know what efficient jelly is like, and it's not that impressive. But could anybody ever use a slogan like "With a name like Smuckers, it has to be good" anymore? Is there any room left for poorly-named products?