July 31, 2010

Has science anything new to say about dreams? Or is Scientific American just trying to capture the audience from INCEPTION?
  • (c) all of the above?
  • Wife is dreaming in the middle of the night and suddenly shouts: "Up!! Quick! My husband is back. Her Husband gets up, jumps out of the window, hurts his butt, and then realizes: "Damn, I'm the husband!" Who is guilty in this situation?
  • Both?
  • Who is to say? On page 2 it says "...that the prefrontal lobes that control censorship are, on average, much less active during dreams." So they were both being ethical then, within the context of their two individual dreams <;(!)
  • If you ever are unsure whether or not you are dreaming, I emphatically advise using a Totem. And by that I mean an actual Totem Pole purchased from a gift shop in Santa Fe or Albuquerque. (I'm currently boycotting Arizona) If you can painlessly insert the Totem Pole into either nostril, you are still dreaming.
  • Here's your link to the dream dictionary so you can figure out the meanings of your dreams. Apparently: To see a totem pole in your dream, represents your need to feel protected. It is symbolic of strength and power. Alternatively, a totem pole symbolizes respect and familial solidarity. If you wake up and all your relatives have totem poles shoved up their noses, you can be sure you have the support of those closest to you.
  • Last night I dreamed I was sleeping on bedsheets of Norwegian potato lefsa.