July 26, 2010

A Field Guide to Typestaches I never was happy with "curly bracket" as the name for that punctuation mark. "Typestache" sounds much more fun. Bonus content: The cops in Crime Procedural Universe have Fleshtaches. (Totally.)
  • Extra double bonus self-link: These typography memes never seem to include my favorite font, so, ladies and gentlemen, may I introduce to you Mr. Bookman Bold (I couldn't decide if it looked more mustachey turned down or up. What do you think?)
  • A downturned typestache is more natural, and less fussy, but a bit crabby looking. :->{! Translated to the Chinese reading order (from right to left) we get... !}<: Which for some reason seems to parse better for bolded typestache in my browser which reads from left to right anyway for the /b call. *(These vaguries can drive one mad.)*
  • Spell checking is for sissies.
  • Love. Also good as a Spotter's Guide. (Husband is currently sporting a Mr Oxford).
  • Of all the fleas that ever flew (And flying fleas are rather few ((Because for proper flying you (((Whether you are a flea or not))) Need wings and things fleas have not got)) )-- (I make the further point that fleas Are thick as these parentheses ((An illustration (((you'll agree))) Both apt and pleasing to a flea)) )-- Now then where were we? Let me see-- Ah, yes-- We said to fly you ought (Whether you are a flea or not) To have some wings (Yes, at least two ((At least no less than two will do (((And fleas have something less than one ((((One less, in fact (((((or frankly, none ((((((Which, as once more you will agree)))))) Limits the flying of a flea))))) )))) ))) )) ). And let me add that fleas that fly Are known as Flears. (You can see why.) All I have said thus far is true (If it's not clear, that's up to you. ((You'll have to learn sometimes, my dear, That what is true may not be clear (((While what is clear may not be true ((((And you'll be wiser when you do.)))) ))) )) ). --John Ciardi, "The Lesson"
  • Composed in the Composing Room Franklin Pierce Adams (F.P.A.) At stated .ic times I love to sit and — off rhymes Till ,tose at last I fall Exclaiming, "I don't ^ all." Though I'm an * objection By putting this in this here § -- This ☞ of the fleeting hour -- This lofty -ician tower -- The ¶er's hope dispells All fear of deadly ||. You think these [] are a pipe? Well, not on your †eotype.
  • Horse and Rider The rider Is fat As that ( ) Or wider ( ) In torso Of course The horse Is more so ( ) --Wey Robinson
  • Oops ... well, ye will just have to insert a double betwixt the parentheses following wider, and a triple space inside the pair at the end. Spacing is a real puzzle in this format.