July 23, 2010

$#*! My Town Says A little town in England had a problem with people stealing its sign (probably something to do with its NSFW name). So the town's new sign is carved into a "tonne-and-a-half" stone.
Editorial comment: Good idea, but I wouldn't have picked a stone that was kinda brownish in color...
  • "Shitterton is recorded in Norman French in the Domesday Book as Scatera or Scetra which, translated, means a little town that is on the stream of a midden or sewer." Does exactly what it says on the sign.
  • They should just change their name to something less desirable. Turdford. Pooville. Crapham.
  • See also Crapstone, Lickey End, Great Cockup and Twatt...
  • That stone is a local stone found in the area. That explains either the color of the stone, or the name of the area.