June 29, 2010

Long-exposure pictures of fireflies in a forest in Germany. In Japan. In Taiwan. In Elkmont Smokey Mountain National Park. Over a river somewhere. Fireflies on video in New York. Synchronous fireflies in a tree.

More light-up loveliness can be found in the Bioluminescence pool on Flickr. Music while you click: 100,000 Fireflies by the Magnetic Fields. Fireflies by Owl City.

  • Don't forget these guys. Nice post. I like bioluminescence.
  • I was sitting on a concrete slab in a waste area partially reclaimed by Nature next to an Industrial Park in New Jersey. (They couldn't keep a parking lot there because it was built over a landfill and couldn't hold flat.) So there I was one night (I think it was in July) when suddenly, from out the bottom or side of the 4 foot square slab, I was ASSUALTED, literally crawled over by THOUSANDS of bugs which turned out to, in fact, be nothing but lightning bugs. They flew off making their little, glowing flares.
  • Would you call that a light mugging? Was there battery involved? Sorry. So sorry. Again.
  • assualted? not sure if I prefer that as a typo or a pun I really miss fireflies. SW Idaho has none, and I feel like Ma Nature has deprived my grandchildren!
  • I miss them too, BlueHorse-- the UK is great and all, but glowing insects are lamentably rare here.